Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Auto mechanic

An auto mechanic or car mechanic is a auto mechanic who specializes in automobile maintenance, repair, and sometimes modification. A mechanic may be knowledgeable in working on all parts of a variety of car makes or may specialize either in a specific area or in a specific make of car.

In repairing cars, their main role is to diagnose the problem accurately and quickly. They often have to quote prices for their customers before commencing work or after partial disassembly for inspection. The mechanic uses both electronic means of gathering data as well as their senses. 

Their job may involve the repair of a specific part or the replacement of one or more parts as assemblies. With the rapid advancement in technology, the mechanic's job has evolved from purely mechanical, to include electronic technology who needed little knowledge of today's computerized systems.

Due to the increasingly labyrinthine nature of the technology that is now incorporated into automobiles, most automobile dealerships now provide sophisticated diagnostic computers to each technician, without which they may be unable to diagnose or repair electronic issues in modern vehicles.


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