Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is an online advertising company owned by Value Click. It is specifically in the affiliate marketing industry. Commission Junction is the largest affiliate network in North America, powering web retailers affiliate marketing programs and operates worldwide. 

Along with being the world's largest Affiliate Network, Commission Junction also promotes their Search Marketing services and their media services. Their corporate headquarters is located in California with other offices in Westborough and Westlake. Commission Junction has also offices in the Sweden and Spain.

Commission Junction has over customers including,, Home Depot, Circuit City, and Yahoo!. This is voted on by clients within the network. Publishers nominate their favorite advertiser and advertisers nominate their favorite publisher, based on who demonstrates excellence within the Marketplace. 

He award for greatness is presented to an advertiser and publisher who have demonstrated exceptional performance over the previous year. Innovation award for innovation is presented to a client in appreciation of its support to Commission Junction and to ongoing performance marketing educational outreach. 

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