Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wireless USB

Wireless USB is a short-range, high-bandwidth wireless radio communication protocol created by the Wireless USB Promoter Group. Wireless USB is sometimes abbreviated the USB Implementers Forum discourages this practice and instead prefers to call the technology Certified Wireless USB to differentiate it from competitors. 

Wireless USB is based on the Wi Media Alliance's Ultra-Wideband common radio platform, which is capable of sending at. It was designed to operate in the frequency range, although local regulatory policies may restrict the legal operating range for any given country. 

Wireless USB is used in game controllers, printers, scanners, digital cameras, MP3 players, hard disks and flash drives. The WUSB architecture allows devices to connect directly to a host. Because there are no wires or ports, there is no longer a need for hubs.

Sometimes referred to as a WUSB hub, a DWA allows existing USB 2.0 devices to be used wirelessly with a WUSB host.WUSB host capability can be added to existing PCs through the use of a Host Wire Adapter. The HWA is a device that attaches externally to a desktop or laptop's USB port or internally to a laptop's Mini Card interface.

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