Monday, July 13, 2009

Traffic Management

 Selecting Traffic Inspectors, Traffic Sub Inspectors, Head Constables and Constables for training and posting Traffic sub inspectors, Head constables/Constables in various districts as per vacancies. Making in-depth study, analyzing and adopting various road safety measures and issuing necessary directions in this regards to all concerned for effective implementations. 

Polite are the only stop for your traffic management needs, we have the solution to all your traffic problems. We are leaders in the manufacturing, supply and installation of Road, Car Park, and Traffic Management safety equipment. Bollards purchasing equipments required for road safety, enforcement work, training and supplying to all concerned subsequently. 

Effective monitoring of highways patrolling and traffic aid centers established on the highways for controlling and preventing accidents. Sending datas of road accidents to Govt. of India in prescribed Performa for formulating policies and taking decision accordingly.Enforcing traffic rules, regulations and legal provisions of strictly by effectively launching special drives time to time.
Imparting road safety education in different school and colleges of the state to students and teachers. Organizing quiz programmers and film shows about road safety, different kinds of race competitions for school children and various other programmers for college students ,teachers and general public. Publicizing road safety measures through T.V, various news papers and magazines widely.

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