Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Telly home entertainment server

The Telly home entertainment server is range of computer systems designed to store, manage, and access all forms of digital media in the home. Based on Interact-TV's Linux Media Center software, it provides user managed libraries for music, photos, and all forms of video from recorded television programming to DVDs.

Expandable hard drive configurations accommodate growing libraries of home entertainment content and provide an alternative to Desktop and Laptop PCs for entertainment content. Networked configurations distribute content shared from all units throughout a network and allow recording at each location. 

Content on Telly systems appears to both Windows and Mac PCs as local networked volumes and can be accessed over the network. The Telly server web site provides management of and access to music, photos, and video. Telly Servers are available in a range of models from small set-top sized to rack-mount systems.

Telly home entertainment servers use a trackball driven user interface and are offered with full high definition television outputs, built-in digital video recorder capabilities and a variety of other accessories. As a home entertainment server and as a true server and secure volume managed expandable storage.

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