Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Provincial Secretary

The Provincial Secretary was a senior position in the executive councils of British North America's colonial governments, and was retained by the Canadian provincial governments for at least a century after Canadian Confederation was proclaimed in. 

The position has been abolished in almost all provinces in recent decades the sole exception is Saskatchewan, where it still exists but is no longer a senior portfolio. As well, the provincial secretary usually has a senior role in administering the party's electoral campaigns.

In many organizations in Canada the provincial secretary is also the name of a senior officer at the provincial level. The Monarchist League of Canada, for instance, has provincial secretaries in various parts of the country who are primarily responsible for the organizing the league's activities in a specific province.

In the provincial sections of the New Democratic Party, the provincial secretary is the senior administrative officer, and may be by title or function Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for organizing provincial conventions, and other meetings, membership drives, fundraising and other day to day operations. 

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