Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Online DVD rental

These plans have a limit on the number of discs customers may have out at any one time, discs that can be rented during each billing period usually monthly. This provides a cost ceiling and these plans are usually cheaper than unlimited plans. Some plans allow for additional shipments at extra cost once the maximum has been reached.

 Usually no credit is given if usage is below the maximum, although plans that allow this sort of carry-over are not completely unknown. , Still it would be a useful alternative for occasional or periodic renters who want access to the huge selection of online companies or the advantages of mail rental, yet do not want the fixed monthly cost.

A plan of this type would allow individual rentals for a fixed fee with no monthly fee. Since companies rely on the monthly fees of low-volume renters to make up for those whose shipping costs approach or exceed what they are paying, there is little incentive to offer such a plan, and the rental price would likely have to approach or exceed store costs.

 These are company controlled package plans based on a set of predetermined settings by the company. Season rental plans allow customers to rent entire seasons of television shows in single shipments; for the supplier, the customer can not break up or modify the package.

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