Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mobile software

Mobile software is designed to run on handheld computers, personal digital assistants enterprise digital assistant’s smart phones and cell phones. Since the first handheld computers of the the popularity of these platforms has risen considerably. Recent model cell phones have included the ability to run user-installed software.

Mobile development lists the differences between the various mobile software platforms, in chart format. The dominant mobile software platform is Java. The price that is paid is a modest decrease in the potential speed of the game and the inability to utilize the entire functionality of a phone.

This extra layer of software provides a solid barrier of protection which seeks to limit damage from erroneous or malicious software. It also allows Java software to move freely between different types of phone and other mobile device containing radically different electronic components, without modification.

Java ME runs atop a Virtual Machine which allows reasonable, but not complete, access to the functionality of the underlying phone. The JSR process serves to incrementally increase the functionality that can be made available to Java ME, while also providing Carriers and OEMs the ability to prevent access to provisioned software.

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