Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Media planner

Media Planner is a job title in an advertising agency or media planning and buying agency responsible for selecting media for advertisement placement on behalf of their clients. Their expanded job scope has thus made greater demands of their time.

The main aim of a Media Planner is to assist their client in achieving business objectives through their advertising budgets by recommending the best possible use of various media platforms available to advertisers. 

Their roles may include analyzing target audiences, keeping abreast of media developments, reading market trends and understanding motivations of consumers often including psychology and neuroscience. The role of the modern media planner is more wide reaching however.

Traditionally, the role of the media planner was quite close to that of the Media Buyer, the obvious distinction being that the planner would devise a plan for advertising and the buyer would negotiate with the Media proprietor on things such as rates, copy deadlines, placement, merchandising, etc. 

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